Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It may not aways be what it appears to be

My son in law is a teacher in a high school and he is a very good teacher and even a better person.
He takes his role as a teacher and mentor serious and the kids feel that and they look up to him and confide in him.

Recently a young student around the age of 15 wrote him a email confiding in him , the student feels the pressure of his peers and wants to do the right thing rather than just join in to be popular.
One of the issues the student raised was social media, the student said it seems as if all the other kids were all having a great time together and it made this student sad and being left out.
My son in law wrote back that it is not always what it appears to be on social media, people post only the happy things and never post the day to day troubles that they all may be going through.
It gives the illusion that they have something that you do not.

I think that is the issue with social media, adults unfortunately fall into the same trap.
They end up obsessed about what others post and want what they have.
What they do not know is the inner turmoil that may exist with those people, and trust me we all have something we are struggling with. We simply do not post that.
Sometimes , as in the case of these students, people post things to just poke the other guys or to try to show that their life is better or to simply brag.

I think a lot of it comes back to insecurities, both on the people posting and the people caught in the trap of being envious.
It does not make anybody bad , it just makes us all human.

Humans crave friendship and being welcomed and liked , no matter what they say or do that is the end game.  Just some do it in a very round about way.

Turn the other cheek or turn a deaf ear.. either way do not fall into the trap.

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Road Warrior said...

"It gives the illusion that they have something that you do not."LOVE that,be happy with what you have,what you do...LIFE is an illusion...