Thursday, April 7, 2016


This Was the Year…1966
U.S. President & Vice President
Lyndon Johnson

The Vice President

Hubert Humphrey
Time Magazine Person Of The Year
Generation 25 and Under (Baby Boomers)
Cost of Living Cost of Food
New House $14,175 Granulated Sugar $ .55 for 10 lbs.

Average Income $4,938 Milk $ 1.11 per gallon

New Car $2,653 Ground Coffee $ .90 per pound

Gallon of Gas $ .32 Bacon $ .72 per pound

Movie Ticket $ 1.25 Eggs $ .36 per dozen
Popular Movies Born This Year
A Man for All Seasons (Academy Award) Adam Sandler

Blowup Cindy Crawford

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Mike Tyson

Fahrenheit 451 Chris Rock

 The U.S. Department of Transportation was created.

 The Black Panther Party was formed.
The U.S. and U.S.S.R. signed a treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons in outer space.

Baltimore Orioles (baseball) Barrel of Monkeys®

Green Bay Packers & Twister®
Kansas City Chiefs (football)
Graham Hill (Indianapolis 500) Spirograph®

Montreal Canadians (hockey)
Texas Western (NCAA basketball)
Steve Spurrier from Florida (Heisman Trophy)

Kauai King (Kentucky Derby)
Popular Quotes
"Bean me up, Scotty." - William Shatner in Star Trek.

"Have it your way." - Burger King.

"Fly the friendly skies." - United Airlines

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