Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Why did you choose the Moving Business ?

One of our drivers once said he did not choose the moving business- IT CHOSE HIM.

Here are some comments on WHY -

-I am a mover and I am proud to be a mover- I love moving ! It is more then a job for me, moving is a life style that I choose to live.

- I was conceived on a move, my dad was a mover. My oldest was conceived on a move between LA and Miami.

-I love moving because it is who I am. I found a profession that accepted me as a young guy. When all the other opportunities I chased shut the doors with a resounding boom. I've seen this whole country many times over and got paid to do it. Have been in the most beautiful homes on earth. Met some of the greatest and the some of the weirdest people. And I've made a good income, been able to give my children the things they want and need. I am a Mover.

- It is always something different every day.


- I enjoy meeting different families and how they live.. being able to turn peoples bad experiences into good ones..and in fact I am getting paid while I get a good workout in.

Why did YOU choose the Moving business ?

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