Sunday, November 15, 2015

12 ways to rise after being thrown under the bus:

12 ways to rise after being thrown under the bus:

1-Keep delivering great results. Don’t throw yourself under the bus by pulling back.
2-Prepare for the next time. Examine the patterns of being thrown under the bus. What do you want to do when it happens again? Who do you want to be?
3-Don’t complain to the boss about others, unless there are ethical issues.
4-Determine what you want. Clinging to past offenses obscures positive outcomes. Aim for positive outcomes for yourself, others, and your organization.
5-Maintain civility. Bad behavior from others is no excuse for bad manners from you.
6-Don’t take it personally. (Well, do your best.) Taking it personally clouds your judgment, deflates your spirit, and may open the door to revenge.
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