Sunday, November 22, 2015


That is the one word that I can think of to sum up the political atmosphere- CHILDREN-

When in the wake of the terrorist acts that we are in the middle of I hear our President chastising Republicans rather then addressing the issue and the moment I think CHILDREN.
Then when I hear the Republicans retaliate with let him come " tell him to come tell that to my face " I think CHIDREN.
I watch the debates and observe one talk about the other's face or stature or looks and scratch my head. These are suppose to be the best and the brightest? They want to LEAD?

It is all school yard stuff- we need adults.

Focus people...what are our goals? Who is the enemy ?

I am beginning to think that America can no longer do BIG things. That we are more interested in tabloid politics than actually fixing the problems.
Reality TV can be entertaining but not on our real life and with our so called leaders.

Unfortunately I see this spilling over to business and how we treat each other. I like him, I don't like him or her, I hate this person , decisions are made more out of spite or revenge than for the betterment of the job or the business. - Children-

I do not know if we have gone to far, I guess only time will tell. I only know that in order to learn or grow or do accomplish great things people need to put aside their differences and do what is best for what is staring them in the face at that particular time. Difference of opinions are fine and needed but you must be able to hear the other side to come to a understanding  and most important you must respect one another.

Grow up.

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