Saturday, November 28, 2015


Here are more signs that you may be high maintenance  ?

Do you .....?..

5. Avoid Accountability

You may take responsibility to do the work, but taking ownership of the results is only accepted when it is successful.
Tip: When you are clearly wrong or unsuccessful, accept that it’s your fault, provide a solution, and fix it or apologize.

6. Limit Growth

You refuse to grow and learn to raise your level of contribution. Organizations look for employees / drivers that continually add value and have potential.
 Tip: Show that you are future-focused, and you are investing to build your personal value.

7. Minimize Contribution

You believe providing support to other’s success is a burden. You are self-centered and often are looking for the easy way out.
 Tip: Realize that you gain power and support when you contribute to the successes of others, if not immediately, then in the long run.

8. Avoid Being a Team Player

You yearn for individual praise and appreciation over the team recognition. Somehow, you feel threatened if you are not singled out for the work that you have done.
 Tip: Follow President Harry Truman’s practice and belief, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

9. Create Problems

You don’t leave your personal life and issues outside your work. It could be the reason why your work performance is suffering and you lack focus. You find yourself playing more of the blame game than the solution game.
 Tip: Start with the assumption that you are the problem and you need to fix the issues outside of work, so that you can perform inside of work.

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