Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Why do we want to Brand ourselves?

Rather it's a sports team or political affiliation or jewelry or tattoos- why do we feel the need to brand ourselves?
Is it to feel like we belong?
Is there comfort in numbers?

I am to blame too, I felt the need to wear MY teams colors and I was going to a game I had to have the jersey, hat etc. and I would get angry and yell at the OTHER guys.

People feel the need to literally wear their heart on their sleeve or neck or arms or all of them.
Tattoos are more popular then ever- people branded themselves for live
For what?
To show their toughness? To yell what they believe to others?

Many years ago people were tattooed in concentration camps because they were prisoners.
Are we really prisoners? Are we keeping our real emotion inside as prisoners or our fear from wanting to belong.

Why do feel the need to shout our beliefs either by voice or our clothing and/or tattoos- and if others do not conform we get angry and rebel.
Why do OUR beliefs trump the other guys?

Why do need to be branded? Are you not more free if you do not brand yourself?

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