Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tare you down

Why do people feel the need to tare others down in order to build themselves up ?

I see it in business and in politics.

You should be able to rise on your own merit and ideas.
I feel uneasy when people are dogging other people to me, it shows me a lack of respect for one and for two if they are doing that to me about others they are probably going to be doing to others about me.

Trying to smear others shows weakness - if you have something to say about someone you should be able to say with them in the same room- if you can't then don't say it.

I get it- I know that fear sells- it has worked all through history. Yell louder and get them scared and they will fall in line and follow you. It works but it never holds- sooner or later it is a house of cards.

Build yourself up, work on your abilities and your worth- accent the positive.
You will have sustainability and in the end you will feel better about yourself and your accomplishments.

Rise on others shoulders by them picking you up not by stepping on them.

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