Friday, November 20, 2015

Take Notice

Being a good noticer builds morale.

 Being valued, understood, and appreciated is a basic human need, but unfortunately, too many leaders forget their people are actually human.

They view people as utilitarian resources performing a specific job function and treat them as interchangeable parts.

 But taking time to notice people lifts their spirits. A well-timed praising, note of thanks, or even just a personal conversation can turn around a person’s day.

Noticing people also builds trust.

It shows your people that you care about them as individuals and not just as workers showing up to do a job. Everyone has a story and good leaders take the time to learn the stories of their team members. I’m not talking about hugging everyone and singing Kumbaya, but simply building relationships.

 Asking about their kids, getting their input on new ideas, or eating lunch in the break room with your team members every once in a while.

With the trust of your team you can reach new heights, but without it you’re dead in the water.

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