Monday, November 16, 2015

6 more ways to rise after being thrown under the bus:

7-Talk things over with someone outside your organization. The goal is working on yourself, not others.
8-Reflect. What are you learning about yourself? People who hurt us, help us, when we learn.
9-Grow. How might this situation make you a stronger leader? Humility and grit are born in adversity.
10-Stand up for your ideas. Give information without sounding defensive. Let performance speak for itself.
11-Find ways to highlight your great work. Publicly thank teammates who help move your projects forward, for example.
12-Proactively build strong relationships. Being thrown under the bus requires an audience. Make sure you have great relationships with the audience.
Being called to live up to expectations isn’t being thrown under the bus.

How might leaders, drivers , laborers, crew chiefs and employees deal with being thrown under the bus?

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