Saturday, January 16, 2016


If you always tell the truth then you do not need approval from others or vindication.

When most people get jumpy or over protective it may because they are worried about covering their tracks. So they try to get in front of the story and start to do damage control.

The easy thing to do is to always tell the truth and then you will have less stress in your life. Not to say bad things will not happen because we all have stuff happens to us every day. Some make a mountain out of it they have to yell to everyone so that others know they are working hard and then there are still a group that just go about their day and work the problem.

Telling lies or let's say stretching the truth because contagious and like cheating once you do it- it easy do it again. After all no one got hurt right?


You hurt plenty of people but most notably you hurt yourself.

We all find ourselves at times at that crossroads - take the right road.

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