Monday, January 4, 2016

Lay Away

Do you remember Lay Away ?

When you did not have enough money to buy something so you went to a store and you put money down on it and asked to Lay it away and you would put money down on it till you paid it off then you took it home.

That was before we allowed credit cards into our lives and we allowed debt to come into our lives.

Credit Card was the beginning of allowing us to live above our means.
It use to be that you saved up for what you wanted and then you bought it- simple right?

I fear those days and that mentality is lost forever. Our kids and our kids kids will never have that foundation to draw on.

In the same vein when there was Law Away and no credit cards we also had to warm things up on the stove- we had no microwave- imagine our kids having to live without a microwave.

Thus lies the challenge- in a world where you can get what you want anytime you want and you can nuke your food in seconds - why wait ?
Our kids and grandkids are brought up in a world where they need no patience and they think nothing of adding up debt on credit cards and buying frozen food with all kind of additives in it and heating it up in 2 minutes and away they go.

Personally I think we need to get back to Lay Away mentality - if you want it- save for it.
It wouldn't hurt to buy fresh and use the stove top either.

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