Sunday, January 3, 2016


This Was the Year…1963 U.S. President & Vice President John F. Kennedy

The Vice President

Lyndon Johnson
Time Magazine Person Of The Year

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cost of Living Cost of Food
New House $12,650 Granulated Sugar $ .90 for 10 lbs

Average Income $ 4,396 Milk $ 1.04 per gallon

New Car $ 3,233 Ground Coffee $ .85 per pound

Gallon of Gas $ .29 Bacon $ .69 per pound

Movie Ticket $ 1.25 Eggs $ .32 per dozen
Popular Movies Born This Year
Tom Jones (Academy Award® winner) Brad Pitt

The Great Escape Whitney Houston

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World Michael Jordan

The Pink Panther Johnny Depp

National and World News   Pope John XXIII died on June 3. Pope Paul VI was elected.

 On November 22, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX.
Two days after Kennedy’s assassination, Jack Ruby murdered the sus-pected killer, Lee Harvey Oswald.

 Alcatraz federal penitentiary, known as "The Rock," closed.

Popular TV Shows Music  Bonanza Walk Like a man (The Four Seasons)

The Beverly Hillbillies It’s My Party (Lesley Gore)

The Ed Sullivan Show Go Away Little Girl (Steve Lawrence)

The Danny Thomas Show Blue Velvet (Bobby Vinton)
Sports Champions   Los Angeles Dodgers (baseball) San Diego Chargers & Chicago Bears (football)

 Parnelli Jones (Indianapolis 500)

 Toronto Maple Leafs (hockey)

 Boston Celtics (NBA)

 Chateaugay (Kentucky Derby)


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