Friday, January 15, 2016

Be a Mentor to somebody

Be a Mentor- pay it forward- did someone help you learn your trade ?

Here are some tips to being a good mentor-

Often mentors do most of the talking, since they are in the teacher role. A mentor who is a skillful listener will be able to fine tune their instruction based on the needs of the team member. They will also be better able to pick up on subtle changes in motivation or confidence.

Ask Powerful Questions
Mentors like to help—that’s why they are mentors. Sometimes the most helpful approach is not fixing the problem or giving the answer. A mentor who is skilled at asking the right questions will be able to draw out the thinking of the other person and help them come to their own solutions. This fosters independence rather than dependence.

Skilled mentors use a variety of tools and techniques based on the needs of the people they are mentoring. There are times when providing clear direction and solutions to problems is completely appropriate—however, once a team member has the knowledge needed to perform, a mentor versed in coaching techniques can encourage independence and increased performance overall.

A good mentor teaches knowledge and skills. A great mentor uses coaching skills to develop the team member into a self-reliant achiever

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