Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility 

A owner operator's responsibility for his crew's activities is pretty close to absolute.
When you are the manager or boss and something goes wrong, there’s no one to blame. Who could you blame? An employee or crew member who goofs up is someone you chose for your job.

 They are a member of your team.

Every great thing and every less-than-sensational thing they do is a reflection of your leadership.
Strong leaders take responsibility for everything that happens on their job — the good and the bad. They don’t blame others for mishaps — after all, those mishaps happened on their watch!

It isn’t hard to shift your focus from fear and control to trust. It only takes patience and self-awareness.

It requires you to trust yourself enough to trust your crews and fellow employees.

Can you step into your power in 2016, put the hammer down and lead with a human voice?

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