Thursday, January 7, 2016

To heck with them

The heck with them ( or whatever adjective you want to use besides heck).

That is our natural response when we get angry at someone or a group of people.
Rather it is family or work or friends.
The easy out is get angry and to write them off- screw them- who needs them.
Most times we react that way because we are hurt and rather then deal with the feelings or God forbid admit that we may be somewhat at fault we swear them off.

If we continue to do that throughout our lives we miss out and our circle gets of friends get smaller.
I fully understand that reaction but if we accept that fact that WE may be partially at fault and take the time to play it back in our head we may have a different reaction.

The true challenge is not to push people away when we have these moments but to try to learn from them.
To do that we may need to shut up and back away and address it at a different time. Don't e so reactionary. Remember most times you are either acting out of anger or being hurt or deep down we may even know that we messed up and we react that way to cover up.

Take note next time you say this or want to say it- back away - STOP- LOOK AND LISTEN.
You just may learn from it and become stronger for it.
Rather than- to heck with them- maybe you should say - How can I do better ?

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