Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Follow me

I have seen it my entire life.. in school and in business..
Some guy stands on a soap box and yells follow me.. don't believe that guy and don't listen to fact you should dislike him.
Listen to ME.. follow ME.

Most times when that happened, even as a young man, I looked the other way...actually ran the other way. I wanted to learn for myself rather than get steered by someone else.
Most times I found that the person yelling had their OWN agenda and the person or idea that they were yelling about actually was positive.

I always brought my children up to not be sheep, do not just follow people for the sake of following somebody or to be a part of the " in crowd ".

Think for yourself.

I can say now that they are grown up and married and have families of their own that they indeed listened I am very proud of the people that they turned in to. They do not follow people for the sake of popularity, they make up their own minds and in the interim they then become the leader NOT the follower. And they lead for the right reasons- to help make a positive difference. They do not pre judge anyone and try to see the good in people.

Today I see it even more unfortunately , people angry and yelling and saying follow me, sign this , do not trust THEM ( who ever they may be ).
Anger sells.
Fear sells.

Back up - stop- look and listen- for yourself.
There is a time to unite and their is a time to look at things individually and judge for yourself.

Follow your gut, your conscience , - give people a chance - speak truth to power.

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Thomas Olson said...

There is a similar situation happening on the Mover Pages on FB.
Money money money... We want more money ! That's all the drivers are saying. Also , we are behind our agents. Let's help them... I call bullcrap !
I read the statements and comments and not once did I read how they could or would help. It's all about pointing fingers and demanding them to pay us more.
Of course I want more money, we all do. I understand also that if I want more money, what can I give you to earn that money.
The first thing the Account will say to the Van Lines when they ask for better rates is exactly that. They will want to know how are we going to improve service if they pay 10% more. What do they receive for the increase of payment...
I could give you more reasons why it is not as easy as they think and a family vacation will do one thing for the driver, no income for weeks.
You want to help your agent get more money for drivers, start giving better service to their accounts...