Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Politically correct

We are a society that are more worried about being politically correct then just speaking our opinion.
People are too worried to say what they feel because of the risk of being prosecuted.
I understand that you need to be sensitive and you should to always to try not to offend people but I think ( and this is just my opinion) we as a nation are taking it a bit too far.

You are offended if you call a tree a " Christmas " Tree ? Really ?
You are offended if in a comedy skit a person plays a sumo wrestler and gets laugh?
Those are actual events.

There must people something that people can do better with their time.

More important in our political arena our potential or current leaders have a tough time saying what they want to say so they run around the subject, all because they do not want to offend anybody. Meanwhile we get no substance no pulse of what that person truly believes.

We should all be able to say what we want and yes if offend someone we apologize and try to say it a different way if possible but neither side should throw rocks are not forgive.

Live, learn, forgive and move on but let's not lose our identity as individuals.

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