Saturday, October 31, 2015

From a fellow Driver-

“a friendly person who likes being with and talking to other people : an outgoing person”.

In our industry the best guys all have that trait, the ability to show off, or turn the show on, SHOWTIME.

It's not just doing your job well, but, constantly seeking positive re-enforcement from those around you. While there are some who don't need the constant back slapping , just silently do their job and do it well, to continue at such a high level of service, some times requires a simple ”Atta Boy”.
When looking at scores from our shippers, we have to exceed their expectations, knock it out of the park, to keep perfect scores...Hence -”SHOWTIME”, simple things like a phone call the day before(positive attitude)introductions, setting a time, being on time(or early) and knocking on the door with a business card and set up equipment in hand...

Then following up and staying on the entire day, Listening to the customers concerns, pointing out just how well something is padded, thanking the help in front of the shipper for doing their job well, and keeping a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

Ending the day by telling the shipper your not leaving until he checks every spot for anything left...Smiling the whole time....

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