Monday, October 12, 2015

Outside your circle

What do people think of you outside your circle?

How do you treat people outside your click ?

We all have a circle of friends that we are comfortable with and we seem to treat them different, maybe even better than others- one of issues we have in today's society is a lot of people straight up do not care what others think or how they treat others outside those that follow them or are in their group. We should do our best to always treat everyone the same, even those we may not agree with.

We cannot solely survive on our little pack and even though you may hold a title or wherever you work you may be " the boss" remember that outside in a different arena you are just " you". So do not get so high on yourself that you think that you are better- in that atmosphere or in certain cases you may have more expertise in what you are doing but that does make you better.
You will eventually find your self in other situations that you may vulnerable and may not know what to do and you will then need somebody's assistance- and you want that person to treat you fair and with respect.
Well do the same- always reach down to help someone up- it will come back to you.

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