Thursday, September 1, 2016

More Tips to Succeed

Use the language appropriately – both verbally and in your writing. Bad grammar and spelling is right up there with punctuality as promotion killers. Proof read your stuff – and use spellcheck. It all matters!

Disagree and challenge respectfully. You can disagree with the boss or co-workers, or even say “no”. Just be prepared to back it up, with a statesman-like flair.
But if the play is called and it goes against you, despite your feelings you need to move on, and execute. Remember this one, always:  There’s no pouting in business.

Get the big picture, then figure things out on your own. Bosses or Ops hate it when they have to explain a task in great detail to someone. Top promotion employees and drivers show their meddle by minimizing supervisor explanation time and filling in the blanks themselves.

Focus on the task at hand like a laser beam. I know it’s really, really, really hard these days to put down the handheld and stay away from texts, E-mail, Twitter or Facebook.
 You can easily derail any career momentum by being MIA-

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