Friday, September 23, 2016

Eliminate Your Pre-Conceptions

Eliminate Your Pre-Conceptions

Your pre-conceptions are another thing that you will have to sacrifice to become a leader. If you think that you already know everything, you will stop learning, and soon all your ideas will become obsolete.

Plus, you will find hard to relate and support people, if you dislike some of them due to some hidden prejudice of any kind. If you discover that you have any of these feelings within yourself, you should look for a way to change your mind as soon as possible.

Adjust your mind to be flexible and to understand that, even though you have your own principles and values, some people might feel things differently.

There is nothing wrong with that. As a leader, you can’t be asking them to change their beliefs only with the purpose of agreeing with you.


John DiMariangeli said...

Great advice!

Road Warrior said...

Pre-conceptions,can sometimes fail you when judging people...Get ALL the info you can before judging...