Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Admit it and make the decision

If you’ve screwed up – admit it

We all screw up. Even managers and crew chiefs and drivers. In fact, I probably screwed up more as a manager than as a regular employee. Hiding mistakes was only making me feel more stressed, so I decided to open up and admit to my staff when I’d made a mistake.

Being humble is an important management lesson. Your fellow workers will warm to you and realise you are, like them, human

Make that decision

No one likes a manager or boss who can’t make a decision. Be confident in your ability to do just that and prove to your team and crew that you have a plan for them.

You’ll make poor decisions , but you’ll also make some brilliant decisions, and the mere fact you’re making a decision at all will enable you to retain your authority while gaining more respect from your team or crew and fellow workers.

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