Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A few Tips to succeed

Be on time. Nothing, I mean nothing, is more penalizing than being habitually late. There is a lot of truth to the saying “90% of success is showing up” – that is, provided it isn’t after the appointed hour
Keep your promises, and over deliver too. This is like mom and apple pie, I know, but getting the boss to trust you explicitly is absolutely critical. You need to be counted on when the pressure is on. And that makes you indispensable – the kind of folks that get the promotions.

Display common courtesy, especially by returning phone calls, texts & E-mails. In this day and age, doing this consistently actually makes you stick out. Those “Thank You”s and “I’m sorry”s add up in the “who’s a better person for the promotion” derby.

Show quiet confidence, and take “can’t” out of your vocabulary. A little positivity goes a long way out there – and trust me, you will rarely get an outright impossible task, and even if you do there’s probably an alternative to suggest. Let the boss be the person to make the “can’t do” call

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