Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cast the first stone

There was only one person that walked this earth that was perfect and that was thousands of years ago and he wore sandals and preached in Jerusalem.
So for all of us other folk here on this wonderful planet lighten up and stop being so judgmental.
We all slip up and make mistakes - try not to talk about others.
We see all day - at work with friends in politics- everyone is throwing stones at the other guy and they all have baggage- WE ALL HAVE BAGGAGE.
That is the point- stop looking at another person's failings or where they went wrong or spoke incorrectly and look at who they are and are trying to be - judge not and be not judged.
We are human- we will fall - that is all right- live and learn and mostly forgive- forgive others and forgive yourself.
Lighten up...after all we are all just visiting.

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