Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Miss directed anger

Wow- miss directed anger is crazy-
I at least can recognize it now sooner but I still fall prey to it.
Just the other day I blew up on someone and I know that usually I would never have handled the situation the way I did- it was over something really small and trivial but as soon as I returned to me desk I knew it was just me being angry over something completely different but I took it out on him.
I immediately apologized to him of coarse and tried to file it away as another lesson.
It happens all the time- think about it next time you blow up or lose it or say something that is hurtful.
Are you miss directing your anger?
If so try to recognize it and address it sooner rather than later.
We all are guilty of it so the best we can do and is try limit the times we do and apologize and move on.

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