Friday, August 12, 2016


Change is inevitable and it can be good.
No matter what change will happen in your life, people will pass away that you love, your job will change , the world is changing every day. How we communicate has changed drastically just in the past decade.
Change is inevitable.
How we deal with change is up to us, we can stamp our feet and get angry and talk about how much better it was before or we can learn how to adapt.
In today's ever changing culture it is more important then ever that we learn how to adapt and learn and embrace change. It will happen with or without you so might as well jump on board and find a way to coexist.
In the end it is all part of the journey, change is good, change keeps us in tune and energized -
When change happens in your life be thankful that you have a opportunity and that you are here on the wonderful ride and try to figure out what is best for you but in order to do that you need to give it a chance.

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Road Warrior said...

Change,sometimes is a GREAT thing.The only issues I see are centered around the lack of information,and the rumor mill.When thing do change,all the correct info needs to be put out to keep folks from guessing,MISINFORMATION,or the lack of correct information,often does more damage than change...