Friday, August 19, 2016

Who were you ?

Who were you before people told you who you are suppose to be ?

Can you even remember back when you did not HAVE TO work or when you actually did what you wanted?

That is why we all look forward so much to retirement- so you can revert back to what life was like before all " The Have To's "

I guess the secret is to try to keep that yesteryear feeling and attitude as we go through life in all those in between years. We spend more of our life in those in between years of teens and retirement so it is important to remember that life goes by while you are making other plans. ( That is actually a line from a John Lennon song).

Take the time to look up and look around, take a deep breath and try to shake off all that heaviness laying on your shoulders and in your mind. Take a few minutes each day to just be thankful and realize that no matter what- tomorrow will come and it may be different from yesterday or maybe different from even what you had planned but that is all part of the experience.

So who were you ?

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Road Warrior said...

Simple,I am a conflagration,of learning,experiences. We are taught behavior,and how to learn from a young life,and continue to learn every day until death...