Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Peronalities - Judgement - Forgiveness

I will turn 59 in a few days and I am still learning and trying my best to experience this great ride we are on. Three things that I have learned that I am constantly working on and are what I think are vital in enjoying this ride are:

-Learning personalities of others.
-Trying not to judge others and accepting them for who they are.
-And forgiving , both others and yourself

These hold true in your personal life as well as your business life.
We all have our positives and our negatives - what is difficult is taking a good look in the mirror at ourselves and reflecting on how we handle situations. It is much easier to point the finger and get angry.

After having been in a management since I was 21 I had to learn on the job and the major ingredient was trying to learn people's personalities and positives and then to try to work with them. You cannot succeed when you try to bang a square peg into a round hole, everyone has their positives and it is up to you to look for them and to sharpen them.

The same goes in your family life- as much as you love the people in your family we are all different, rather it is your brother or sister or your wife or husband we all can rub each other the wrong way at times and that is because what I can see plainly you may not and vice versa.
Unconditional love means accepting those around you for what they are- easier said then done at times but certainly a goal worth working toward.

Because we all have different views, opinions , hobbies and likes and dislikes it is important to not judge others, just because I may like a certain something it does not mean you have to like it so acceptance is crucial in relaxing our minds and our outlook- DO NOT JUDGE

Lastly - FORGIVE- because we are all human we will step on even our best intentions at times- forgive yourself and forgive others.

Enjoy the ride and along the way try to better yourself and help others

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