Monday, May 9, 2016

When do we relax ?

When is it that the blue collar working man can relax?
The average guy does not mind working, we at least I can only speak for my generation, I am 59.
I think for those of us that grew up in the 60's and 70's and 80's grew up knowing that work is a necessity , so we went to work. Some of us went to college but many of the circle I hung with could not afford it, we came from mill working families that made enough to hopefully buy a home and put food on the table. College was not an option.
So we went to work, washing dishes or working landscaping anything to make a paycheck. From there watched and learned and tried to take advantage of any opportunity.

Fast forward 40 years and many of us are heading into our 60's or have entered our golden years- so the question is when do we relax?
I think it is only fair to give of your self for 40 years and then take time to do whatever it is that you WANT to- not NEED to.
But can we ?
It is getting more and more difficult to grab that brass ring but we have to try.
First thing we need to do is learn that LESS IS MORE.

The younger generation have to learn that a used car is ok, that hand me downs are fine and if you cannot afford it do not buy it.
If they do not I am afraid that they may never see the day that they can truly relax.

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