Tuesday, May 31, 2016


A " click " is a group of people that form their own little circle and they have the "us against them" mentality. They make those outside the " click " feel like they are inferior or misfits.
These clicks start at a early age, I watch my 7 year old grandson try to befriend kids that are 10 or 11 and the bigger kids don't want to accept him and make him fell like he is unwanted, and outside the click. We all went through it at one point. It continues through elementary school and middle school , even High school and college. Then we enter " The Real World" and get a full time job only to find that their are still clicks in the work place.

Come on - does it ever end?

Apparently not, I have a co worker that told me that her father who is 89 and in a assisted living place recently found himself being influenced by some other guys in the place- even older then him.
They formed their own click and was going to protest the food in the cafeteria.
Really- even at 89 and 90?
Turns out they did not realize that they could choose.

Crazy huh?

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