Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Do the best and most efficient job

The drawing above is by the Dutch graphic artist Maurits C. Escher. It shows a mosaic of interlocking birds, fish and animals, demons and men. Technically this is known as " tessellation" but to us it means putting something in every available space.

Household goods movers are paid by the weight they can pack in their vans rather than by the volume that weight occupies; so, like Mr. Escher, they most become skilled in interlocking pieces of furniture, cartons, and household goods so as to leave the minimum ( ideally, zero) of unused space.

The moving business is not an easy business and the role of a loader is very demanding, both physically and mentally. His company gives him the responsibility to handle and transport, literally, millions of dollars worth of household goods every year. Coupled with this responsibility to his employer and his customer is his responsibility to himself and his family.

A mover chose this profession so it behooves them to DO THE BEST AND MOST EFFICIENT JOB they can to earn their living.

 Efficiency means packing the household goods they are moving into their vans with the highest possible density with no damage.

The experienced loader finds pleasure in watching the pieces fall into place. tier after tier, like the pieces of a giant three dimensional jigsaw puzzle. And when it's all over and the mover pulls the last strap tight and secures the load, he can climb into the cab with an easy mind, knowing that the shipment will come off at the other end of the journey without a scratch on anything.

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