Thursday, May 12, 2016


Here's the realities.. there are snakes in the grass no matter where you work.
There will be people that take advantage of you, lie to you, stab in the back and talk about you behind your back. - Yup- that is a fact of life.
I do not care what business you are in or even if you own your own business these people exist and will take you down with them..if you let them.

In the same work place there are good people, people that care and will go out of their way for you- Yup- that is a fact too !
Accent the positive and pull them in- listen to them and help them.

Do not hate the back stabbers and allow them to invade your thoughts or your energy. First just come to the conclusion that no matter where you go they will be there, maybe in a different package and a different name but trust me you cannot run from them.

Instead- learn from them and I know it sounds crazy but smile at them and show them that they do not and cannot control you or your day- that drives them crazy and it helps keep you smiling.
Smile and limit your conversations with them- speak when spoken to and give short precise answers- do not go looking for trouble.
 If you already know that they want to fight do no give them the pleasure.
Move on.

If they are mean or obnoxious- take note and do your best to not do the same to others.

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Road Warrior said...

Simply IGNORE,don't let anything get to you.Anger has no place with simple reason..