Thursday, May 5, 2016


Children have a innocence about them, their smiles, laughter and love are contagious.

They look at life and others with wide eye wonder.
If you ever watch kids in the 4-9 age when they meet other kids- all they want to do is play, they do not care about your gender or your color of skin or what other friends you may have- they just want to play and have a good time.

What happened?

I often wonder at what age did most people change from that little child wonder and acceptance, and what changed for them to turn ?

I realize that as we get older we get burned or ridiculed and that may cause us to grow a hard or rough exterior but it is a shame because along the way we lose what is special about life.
Life should be lived and experienced and most of life's lessons are what we do and who we meet along the way.
The more we close that off and pre judge the less we learn and experience.

Try to remember way back when you were a kid or take the time to watch the little around around you and try to just smile more and enjoy the ride !

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Thomas Olson said...

Children believe in the magic of it all. Once you stop believing the magic ends. We need the magic to make us smile.
So like you say , remember back then or watch the little ones with you and believe like they do. The magic may be real ! The Magic of believing.