Friday, May 6, 2016

Staying loyal

Staying loyal is important to me- both in my personal life and at work.
The one thing that has been constant for me for the past 35 plus years is I always made my decisions based on my family- my kids and my wife came first.
That said I knew that I had to provide for them so I had to show my loyalty to my work and I did and still do.

Life is a very interesting ride and it certainly is always full of choices and different roads to take and they are times that we may take the wrong road but if you continue to use what is important to you as your compass you will eventually find the right road.

The key is to be able to SEE what is in front of you and to be able to admit that you may have taken the wrong road, maybe for the right reasons at the time but it did not lead to where you thought it might- that is part of the ride.

What is important to me may not be the same for you- I do believe though that in the end if money is you sole reason you will find a empty pot at the end of your road- money is the means of which we need to live but cannot be the sole reason we do what we do.

Loyalty is important and so is honesty - with both of them on your shoulders you will not fail.
 Being honest with yourself if just as important.
Don't beat yourself up for past mistakes or failures or your weaknesses , that will not help you. Simply understand that we all have them , it has we work through them that is the difference.

What or who is important to you ?

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