Monday, March 14, 2016

You'll never know

You'll never know if you never try

Reach for the stars they say
Take a chance they say
Go for it

All easy to say but depending on what your goal is sometimes it takes guts.
Nothing good comes easy, especially if you are trying to do something difficult, something out of your comfort zone.
The problem is the older we get the wider our comfort zones gets so we stop taking those chances.
Too bad because isn't it exciting when you reach for that goal that IS difficult and accomplish it?

Of course the older you get the more you have to take " calculated " risks.
What does that mean?
Well don't do anything that can upset your golden years but if you are trying to improve your life or the life of others at least take the time to contemplate it.
Weigh your risk and your options, ask some people you trust possibly for advise.
Gather it all up and go for it, nothing ventured- nothing gained.

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