Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Consistency is important.

From another business blog-

Consistency is important.

Most of us understand that consistency is important in any business. So that customers or clients have confidence in the goods and services provided, businesses must offer consistent quality and service. Take a simple example – I’m sure almost everyone has a favorite restaurant.

 Mine is Ping Pong Dim Sum, on London’s Southbank (in case you were wondering, and feel like taking me for dinner). It’s my favorite, because not only is the food delicious – but it’s always delicious, every time I go. It’s my favorite, because not only is the service great – but it’s always great. It’s my favorite, because not only do the cocktails taste great – but they always taste great. I like going there because I can guarantee, regardless of when I go, who I go with, or what I order, it’s going to be consistently good. Think about your own favorite restaurant – it’s probably your favorite for similar reasons.

Without the ability to offer this consistent service, customers will simply go looking elsewhere to have their needs met.

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Thomas Olson said...

Using the chef as an example to me is perfect. When the chef prepares his food, he does not know whom he is cooking for. Perhaps there are times he does, but mostly he doesnt.
He consistently prepares each plate the same way for the love of serving the best to everyone...
That's how a driver should be. It should not matter, who the shipper is, what is the discount, how hard the job is and etc.

You don't have to be talented to be consistent, you need to have the pride of providing the best service no matter the situation to be consistent...
This blog is a refresher course for me, thank you...