Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Express Confidence

Express Confidence

 People want to perform well for a manager they know has confidence in them. Just think of your best boss. Chances are the person had confidence and faith in your abilities. Your best boss probably built your self-confidence, expressed enthusiasm for your accomplishments, and gave you just the right amount of direction and support you needed to accomplish your goals.

 Don’t underestimate the power that exists in expressing confidence and belief in someone.

Everyone wants to feel like they matter and are important to others

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Road Warrior said...

I've walked into situations where we used a foreign agent that by the time I got there had the shipper so pissed he was ready to call UHAUL...I shook his hand and said that was not me!You are dealing with ME NOW!,And I here to make it right...He backed off,watched us,and wrote a nice letter about how well our crew treated him...Build confidence,Yes SIR,I can do that....