Friday, March 4, 2016


The key to profit and less stress is to organize.

Organize your day, your goals , your future.

That can simply mean scribbling down notes and prioritizing and most important following up.
The more you can organize and be ready the less surprises you will have.
Start off with simple goals and then underneath write how you go about achieving them.

Think out your day and the next day and the coming week.
Prepare, prepare, prepare.
always have a plan " B" and " C" - you will need them.

Have short range goals and a 5 or 8 year goal.
Where to you see yourself in 5 years and how can you get there?

Organize your thoughts and organize your day and organize your life.
If you don't - who will?

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Road Warrior said...

Not just organizing,but getting into good habits..Make it a habit of getting things ready every Sunday,for your logs to get to the mail,EVERY MONDAY MORNING!Make it a habit of calling everyone involved with any job at least 2 days ahead....Good labor may need 6-7 days notice...I just had one at 9 pm on Sunday,call me for labor on Monday at 8 am(?)I found him help,but that should have been done Thursday....Make it a habit of calling in EVERY day at 8 am....If you seem eager for work,it will help your reputation...Communicate well,stay in touch with everyone,The only time your doing it right is when you seem like a pest....Keep positive....NO BODY wants to talk to some one who is constantly complaining...KEEP IT POSITIVE!There's more,I can go on,but,you get my drift....