Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fight the Fight

Fight the good fight

What is the good fight ?

What is YOUR fight ?

People are always trying to get you to follow them, they appeal to your anger and what is wrong .
Should you jump on board?
Is THAT your good fight?

Who can know what is right for you and what is it YOU should be spending your time and energy fighting.. only you know what is important enough in your life to do that.
We have so little time in a day, in a week in a life- what should you spend your precious time on?

I assume we all want a better life, a life where can find the inner child again and that time in our life when we did not have so many " Have to's " and responsibility.
Ultimately shouldn't that be our goal?
To simplify and enjoy each day, every moment.
It is different for each of us- so I guess the question is what makes YOU happy ?

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