Monday, March 21, 2016


Opportunity looks a lot like hard work.

You never know when opportunity may knock but that said opportunity presents itself through hard work.
When I bought my first car at 16 I need a job so my first job was washing dishes, I then get a 2nd job stocking shelves at a shoe store at 17 ,  through hard work my manager asked if I would like to try sales and then because he like my work he asked if I would consider being his assistant then I became the youngest manager for this chain store at 21.
Each job I held I did my best and learned and opportunity continued to show itself through hard work.
From there I went to dispatching service trucks for Honeywell and learned as I went and after three years the manager wanted to me to stay and take on more but my next opportunity came in the way of Arpin Van Lines. Honeywell was a good company and they treated me well but their home office was in Minnesota and I preferred to work for someplace where the owner actually knew me.
I worked my way up from dispatcher of the Northeast section of the US to Director of dispatch to Vice President.

30 plus years later I can say that it was a great opportunity . But opportunity did not just knock on my door.
 I earned it , every step of the way.- I do not believe that anyone OWES me anything- I was paid along the way.

Opportunity looks a lot like hard work .

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