Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Never give up

Give it your all ..but never give up !

Muhammad Ali was a perfect example of giving it your all and never giving up. He fought his way from the streets , he had nothing and his family was poor and from KY. He worked hard and trained and entered the Olympics in 1960. He won and brought back his intensity and tenacity and his boastfulness and knocked out the Heavy weight champion of the world Sonny Listen , who most thought would never lose never mind to this pretty much unknown kid.
 He found himself in the middle of our race wars and switched religion and refused to be drafted. They , the government, took away what men in his heavyweight division could not- they took his belt and deprived him of fighting for three years until the courts overturned their decision. With three years off he came back , worked hard and took on the then heavyweight champion of the world- Joe Frazier. He lost that fight so he went back to work and never gave up.
He worked harder and was determined to win back the belt that was taken from him. Even though his prime years was taken from him he was given another opportunity in a championship fight with a man that was in his prime , George Foreman . There was no way Ali should have won that fight, George was not only in his prime he was a towering man and was knocking out everybody in his sights, including Joe Frazier. But through hard work and dedication and a goal he would not surrender Ali won.
Ali represented a lot to a lot of people and through it all he never loss perspective.
After that fight with Foreman that was fought in Africa the press was trying to find him hours later and he wondered off on his own and was sitting on the steps of a house in a near by village he was showing some local kids some magic tricks.
How cool is that ..even after all he went through, all the battles and sweat and tears- he reaches his goal once again-  and he is reaching out to those less fortunate just enjoying the moment.


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Thomas Olson said...

I loved reading this one ! You could never say enough about this man...
The world was a better place back then and it's because of people like Muhammad Ali... The Greatest !