Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Trickle Down

If you are the person in charge, the boss, the crew chief..

Poor professionalism at the top; management handles situations badly, which trickles down and infects the organization or the crew.

  Cynicism and infighting; toxic behavior patterns Gossip cliques and backchannel complaining Issues with procrastination, slowing of work speed Resentment and irritation if gestures of recognition are off-base or too little, too late -

Create a culture of recognition -

Everyone wants to be respected and appreciated, and we often have different underlying desires that keep us going through a tough project.
When a team is slogging through tight deadlines or feels overworked or unseen, recognition can boost morale and strengthen their sense of team identity and support from management.
 Make appreciative communication patterns a habit among the team, and avoid superficial assumptions of what really matters and motivates. -

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Road Warrior said...

Something as simple as pointing out just how well a helper padded an item(in front of the helper and to the shipper)will go a long way to boost morale...AND that will spread to others...