Friday, September 18, 2015

Stay out of my Way

It isn't fair..

It just irritates me when I drive on the highway and I am in the high speed lane and because one person 6 cars in front of me decides to go 50 MPH he holds everybody behind him up.
 There are people to my right so I am stuck in this line because one person is too selfish to move over or too oblivious or both.

I relate it to a lot of life in general, so much of our day depends on others, if one is too lazy or oblivious to things around them it can effect what you and I do.

If you do not want to run the speed limit- at least get out of the way.
If you do not want to do your job then the same applies..-get out of the way.

General Pattern once said- "Lead me. Follow me or get out of my way".

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Road Warrior said...

AND,If you ain't the lead dog the view never changes...