Friday, September 4, 2015


Having recently moved again myself I can attest to how very stressful the total process is.
I have been in the same house for 24 years and recently moved , I forgot just how aggravating the whole process is, which is funny considering I have been in the moving business for over 30 years.
And thank goodness for that because at least that process was lifted off my shoulders, I had some wonderful friends and professional moves to help me pack and load.

But BEFORE we ever even got to that process we had to purge my house of 24 years of STUFF., Find a realtor , list the house, find a house, watch interest rates, have open houses, take bids and offers and counter, fix little things, on and on.

Then you get to deal with banks and credit unions and credit companies and then last the dreaded lawyers. All while trying to coordinate with people with bad communication skills.

I have come to realize even more so that in todays work force there is a HUGE gap in communication , people just do not follow up and even answer calls or email. I found myself doing THEIR job.
And it was all over and from people making commissions off of me and people that have been doing this for decades- not newbees-.

If we want to see why we may be losing jobs overseas you need to just look around you- we have lost the art of CARING- we have lost the WORK ETHIC that our grand parents and great grandparents were so proud of.
I believe that if people truly cared they would care enough to follow up and have your best interest at heart.

Don't look for your leaders to provide this or your politicians... look within.

Do YOU care? Do you care enough to follow up and follow through?

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