Friday, July 14, 2017


For any buisness to succeed you have to be able to train and explain.

It is not just good enough to point and demand it is your responsibility to train and teach each and every employee or laborer that works for you.

If an issue arises because of lack of preparation then use that as a teaching moment, point out how the situation could have been prevented.
Don't just demand quality, give them the tools to succeed.

Choose the moment and be wary of your voice infliction, the idea is to not reprimand but to teach.

Process is important, habits are important, keep tweaking your processes to improve, embrace technology but do not ever forget that technology can never replace the human side of business-
You can have the best technology but if you do not have the right process in place and you do not teach and embrace the people around you all the technology in the world will not make you successful.

Train and explain and while you are explaining, tell them why what they are doing is important and how it fits into the bigger picture.
Do not assume they know.

It is your responsibility to teach, and train and explain.

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