Wednesday, July 12, 2017


In all the busy and with all the buzz around it is more important then ever to FOCUS.
Focus on YOUR job and what YOU can do better.
If you do not like something then try to conduct change but change does not come from dogging the other guy or by spewing venom.
Change comes from within and sometimes it has to come in increments but most of all be honest with yourself and focus on what your part of the process is- do your job.
Everyone does not need to know any private conversations you may have as a malfunction fact people will not trust you if they see or hear their private conversations they may have had with you and they see or hear them on socmedia or from other people.
Focus on what you can do to conduct change but most important focus on the day in front of you and do your very best- it is YOUR reputation and PRIDE on the line.

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