Sunday, July 2, 2017

The truth

Discovering the Truth..
Finding the truth can be difficult at times, most people see the truth as THEY see it and have a very difficult time seeing it from any other side.
Sometimes you may need to just absorb it all, listen and maybe even do your own research.
You most definitely should not give knee jerk reactions or you just may end being the jerk.
Always try to see the other side no matter how crazy or opposite it may look or sound.
Do not get bullied, the guy yelling the loudest standing on his soap box saying ..hey look over probably going to just give you his opinions ..just louder and probably with a squished up face and hands and arms moving all about. But in the end they are just HIS opinions and how he sees the situation. Does HE have all the facts ? Are they mostly personally motivated?
Do not be sheep.
Take the time to do your own investigating, stop , take a huge breathe in and just listen, do not act in the moment and join the crowd.
Be brave and strong enough to think on your own.
Money is the motivator for most everybody unfortunately and if you look under the sheets and keep pulling the thread you most likely will always find a money trail.
If you want real change ..start with the man ( or woman ) in the mirror.
Have the courage to stand alone if you must , there is strength in numbers but in the end it is YOU that you have to answer to..your moral code.
You can't hide from the real truth..the truth as YOU know it...follow your heart and your head.

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