Friday, July 7, 2017

Buck Up

Did you mess up ?
Forget to do something?
Shoulda- woulda- coulda-
Buck Up !
Buck Up and admit it and move on.. learn from it..apologize if necessary and make good.
People will respect you more if you just admit that you may of messed up then if you try to hide it or worse blame others.
Admit your mistakes and do it sooner rather then later.
And if others messed up don't take them to the tool shed ( an old saying meaning to tally wack them- another old saying meaning to yell or belittle someone ) if the people around you mess up and everyone is stressing out that is the time to extend the olive branch ( another old saying meaning to reach out and befriend someone) - they will remember your kindness and forgiveness the next time you may neededing it.
Build allies and bridges and honest .
Buck Up ! ( an old saying meaning to stand up or be true or do the right thing..even if it's difficult)

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