Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Look ahead

It never ceases to amaze me how many people do not look ahead or plan.

The same people that do not look ahead or plan always end up chasing their tail and are in a Chinese fire drill all day.

The real shame of it is they never learn, they actually do the opposite - they get frustrated with the crazy around them so they slow down or say F it and rather then learn from it and start getting ahead of things they end up getting run over.

Stop the madness .. start looking ahead and pre- plan !

Think out all the "what if's" in your head, write it down , have plan "B" ready just in case ( actually have plan "B" and "C" ready) Yes it will take more of your time on the front end but I promise you that it will save you three times that time on the back end and you will lessen your stress.

It is the " pay me now or pay me later " principle- you either invest your time on the front side or pay for it on the back end- - don't wait till the day of - be out in front - not a day before or two days before but weeks ! If you are a manager or you are responsible for others then your job is to educate and help the people you are responsible for- if they fail or their day becomes helter shelter then you have to ask yourself what could you have to better prepare THEM - did YOU think ahead?

We are all in this together- look ahead- plan- pre-plan - invest your time on the front end !

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